Tom Petty and Me Book

Tom Petty and Me Book

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Tom Petty and Me

Written By Jon Scott

My 40-year relationship with Tom Petty was filled with serendipitous events and stories. I hope you enjoy them.

To Sizzlin Memphis Natural Jon Scott Here's the 1st one, of the 1st one, for the 1st one. Dare to be great

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Jon Scott has a gift for telling it like it was. An easy and enjoyable read!

Everyone needs a Jon Scott!

What a sweet little fun ride this book was! Tom Petty was with us for all too short a time but without Jon Scott, we might never have heard of him at all. Everyone needs a champion in their life, someone to provide that extra little push and to Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, that man was Jon. Record guys are fans, just like the rest of us and so are the artists. I loved reading about how thrilled Tom was to be a Traveling Wilbury and then adopt Jon as one too! You can feel their warm, playful friendship and mutual respect in every written word.

Dana Samantha Beck
Priceless Book A MUST Read!

Tom Petty and Me is a journey told by the amazing Jon Scott from his experience and friendship with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. This book gives you such a personal insight and I can visualize what Jon is writing about. It tells how Jon truly put Tom Petty first album on the air and from there it’s pure magic. I love this book it’s priceless and a must read. Thank you Jon for sharing your journey from behind the scenes from a business to a personal relationship with Tom that lasted 40 years. Tom Petty And Me it’s a true treasure.

Cindy Robert
Most Authentic Book on Tom Petty....EVER !!!!

I bought this book with so much anticipation of what it may contain! I was an immediate fan of Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers since their first hit played on my car radio on the East was love at first listen! I had to find out more, I drove to my local record store and bought the album., Then after that, I remember a DJ on a Providence, RI radio station giving a "shout out" to a guy named Jon Scott for "Discovering Tom Petty and his band". That was the one and only time the name Jon Scott was ever heard by me. Until I read on Tom Petty Nation that a new book, was going to be released! The author was none other than Jon Scott! When my book arrived, I loved the cover, it had writing on it clearly in Tom's handwriting to Jon! I had not even opened the book and and I felt like Jon had shared a private gift! I read a lot, I normally would pay attention to details about structure and boring tid bits like that....but not with THIS book. No sir, this was such an intimate experience reading every detail, laughing at so many different things shared by Jon Scott, my favorite being the "Fax Machine" story, I felt like I was being "let in", to a VERY special world, Tom Petty's world. It is so eloquently written by his very close friend Jon Scott, it is my A #1 book, of any category that I honestly enjoyed cover to cover! Thank you Jon Scott for everything you have done!!!! This is your legacy and your Masterpiece! I am honored to now "know" you!

Kevin Brown (host of The Tom Petty Project podcast)
A must-read-often memoir

Jon Scott's book is essential reading for any fan of Tom Petty or any fan of the music industry in America in the 1970s. Jon's conversational prose style makes the book feel like a chat over a few pints with a friend in a warm, cozy pub some place. If you are every fortunate to speak to him in person, you'll hear his authentic passion and dedication to Tom as both a musician and a friend. The book avoids many of the rock'n'roll "tell all" tropes that usually weight down the genre and instead focuses on the process of how records were promoted to radio stations and how they did or didn't receive airplay. There are also some candid, endearing anecdotes of time spent with one of the truly great American songwriters. It will be clear to you from beginning to end that Jon Scott is not just a lifelong friend of Tom Petty, but also one of his biggest fans. Thank god that Jon dusted off that discarded album all those years ago, fired up his deck, and changed the course of music history. Thank you sir!